Messages of support

Thank you for all the support we have received. Here are a selection of comments from our readers:

Doug Taylor, Labour leader of Enfield Council said: “I think local newspapers are vital to local democracy, and their ability to hold local politicians to account is crucial for the sake of transparency and good governance. I urge the owner of the titles and the staff to get together to resolve this problem of appropriate resourcing. It is clearly a bad state of affairs if the staff feel the need to strike, and I hope that this can be resolved speedily and consensually.”

Andy Love Labour MP for Edmonton said: “I’ve watched the standard of the Advertiser drop over past months with great sadness.  I believe that the local journalists are under additional pressures due to the reductions in staff and then number of papers they are expected to produce. This leaves them less able to investigate and evaluate stories, which not only affects quality, it affects community accountability as well.”

Nick de Bois Conservative MP for Enfield North said: “I am very concerned about the issues raised by the staff at these papers. Residents are proud to have ­and deserve to continue getting – such a good quality, campaigning newspaper that can boast a distinctive style. With all regional newspapers suffering business pressures in a digital age, we must remember what an important role they play in the local community. I want to see the papers go from strength to strength and continue the significant role it plays in our borough.”

Andrew Keeling, of Keeling Communications, who works as a freelance press officer for Enfield Council said: “Well-funded local newspapers are the breeding ground of credible journalism. Any progressive PR recognsises this as essential to get your message out in a credible newspaper and the Enfield Advertiser is among the best in London.”

Chris Bond, Enfield Council cabinet member for environment, said: “Local newspapers are integral to healthy local democracy and it is crucial they are well funded and properly staffed.”

Please keep them coming and also share your thoughts with Sir Ray Tindle, visit the Lobby Tindle page for details.

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