Solidarity from Barnet TUC

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are writing with a heartfelt expression of support for your industrial action beginning on 19 April.
We understand that you are striking to protest against non-filling of posts. All trade unionists can relate to the intolerable pressures that are being put on staff to work harder in order to cover for colleagues made redundant and not replaced.
Your refusal not to accept this state of affairs is impressive and courageous, and we will do whatever we can to promote awareness of your dispute and the ways that fellow trade unionists in Barnet and wider can support you.
We particularly want to put on record our support for the journalists at the Barnet Press. For many years they have covered many of our campaigns and events involving local trade unionists, always with a desire to understand and fairly represent our concerns. They have shown an impressive feel for the real political currents in the borough. We feel this has been invaluable in upholding standards of local democracy and scrutiny of elected representatives.
If the number of journalists covering stories continues to be low that vital function of the local press will be lost and Barnet will become a far poorer place to live in as a result.
We are proud to offer you our solidarity.
Barnet TUC (trades council)
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