Solidarity from London Photographers’ Branch

Fraternal greetings to fellow journalists due to start several weeks of strike action at their workplace Tindle Newspapers Limited. Tindle’s loss-making papers publish in north London. Their journalists are faced with collecting and editing the news for nine local papers using just three reporters and one editor. Management have a “no replacement” policy for leaving staff, so the situation will not improve unless Sir Ray Tindle and his board reverse this decision of non-replacement of staff.

LPB committee, 15 April 2011

A copy of their letter to Sir Ray Tindle

Dear Sir Ray Tindle,

NUJ – LPB concern at reasons for a strike at nine of the newspapers in your group

The London Photographers’ Branch of the National Union of Journalists is deeply concerned at the reasons behind industrial action by fellow journalists at Tindle Newspapers Limited titles due to commence shortly.

Whilst your company is to be applauded for increasing the number of local publications in a difficult economic climate, it must be recognised that in order to gather and report the news these papers must employ a suitable range of reports and editors. This is apparently not the case at present, and your stated policy of not replacing staff who leave is exacerbating a very serious understaffing crisis.

This branch of the NUJ requests that you and your managing board re-consider your policy of non-replacement of staff. This will help to ensure that there continues to be a pool of highly-skilled and professionally engaged journalists gathering and shaping the news in the local newspapers in your group.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jason Parkinson, Joint Secretary,

NUJ, London Photographers Branch committee

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