A message from our chief photographer

Most residents of Enfield will not be surprised to learn that this summer, I will have been at the papers for seven years. At the time I joined, it was renowned for being an award winning paper.

Being a photographer though, what really attracted me to these titles was the way they used pictures: nice and big! But not just any old picture slapped on a page to fill a hole – there was real flair and ideas behind each one and the subbing matched this talent (and still does). Every picture tells a story and with these ones, you wouldn’t need to read the headline to understand the story.

It was a welcome change from my previous paper which was a combination of cheque presentations and ribbon cuttings.

The papers currently have two photographers. What happens when one of us leaves? What would happen if we both left within weeks of each other, as happened with the reporters over Christmas?

Well, don’t fear, there will be no shortage of pictures – all contributed. Everyone has a camera these days and even mobile phones have a decent megapixel count…

Last week a man asked me why he should fork out to buy our pictures of his son playing football when he had could take a perfectly good picture on his iPhone. My reply? “Just because you’re wearing a Spurs shirt, do you think Harry Redknapp would sign you?”

Anne-Marie Sanderson

Chief Photographer

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