George and Giulietta Galli-Atkinson pledge to join our demo on Wednesday

George and I are very sorry that Tindle Newspapers seem, once again, to be cocking a snook at its employees and Enfieldians.
As we have said before, local papers give local people a voice; sometimes, the only one, so we consider them crucial to the development of the community.  To connect with local issues, to report them with understanding, in order to effect change, where it is required, there must be continuity of work, surety of work, community relations-building. Chopping and changing staff as rapidly as Tindle Newspapers is ordering is counter productive, underpowers – even disempowers – its workforce and Enfieldians, and, thus, prevents the proper dissemination of information to which the community is entitled and upon which the community can act. 
To reduce our local papers to rags from the very high quality, award winning newspapers that these have been, is a disservice and a betrayal of entrustment.
We support you unreservedly.  George and I will both try to join you on Wednesday.
Best wishes
George and Giulietta Galli-Atkinson
Livia’s Parent’s
Road Safety Campaigners

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