Striking journalists threatened with redundancy

Dear all,

It was announced today that NUJ staff on strike at North London and Herts Newspapers could be made redundant. The supposed saviour of local papers, Sir Ray Tindle, who has always boasted about never having made anyone redundant now looks like reversing his policy as a result of the first strike in his company’s history.

A letter handed to the nine striking union members yesterday, on the eve of the two-week strike, said that profitability could, “Potentially be achieved by re-structuring the content of the papers which unfortunately could result in redundancies.”

Father of the Chapel, Jonathan Lovett, said: “It is a case of the emperor’s new clothes – once he is put to the test Sir Ray has shown himself to be just like all the other newspaper owners who value the bottom line over staff and readers.

“The mask of benevolence has slipped at the first challenge to his authority and the centre which he professes to care about so much is now at risk.

“This has only strengthened our resolve in our battle for quality news in the face of soul-destroying churnalism.”

▪                We are planning a mass demonstration on Wednesday (April 20) from noon here at Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ (just opposite Enfield Town railway station).

▪                The demonstration will feature a funeral procession through Enfield Town, the grim reaper and a priest reading out the last rites over the corpse of our newspapers.

We hope you can join us in our fight for survival!

Best wishes,

The staff of North London & Herts Newspapers

Contact: FOC Jonathan Lovett on 07917 871421

To find out more visit:

Facebook for Gazette, Advertiser and Press on Strike

Twitter: @StrikeGazAdPres



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