Message from councillor Yasmin Brett

Dear Advertiser and Gazette staff,

I was very saddened to hear of decisions by the proprieters of these papers to cut jobs.

These papers and the journalists who bring them to life make a fantastic contribution to the Enfield community. Whether through scrutiny, the celebration of success or reporting, these papers play an important part in the borough’s identity and development.

All the best,
Yasmin Brett, Bowes ward councillor

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2 Responses to Message from councillor Yasmin Brett

  1. Stuart says:

    f reports elsewhere are to be believed, this group of newspapers is losing something in the region of £200,000 per year. Have the journalists involved in this strike action considered the commercial reality of their situation? Have they made any useful suggestions as to how this can be turned around? Will having an extra one, two, three or more reporters increase sales, readers and, more importantly, advertising revenue to cover not only the existing losses but the increased wage bill too?
    I would have thought one of the main roles of the editor was to ensure the newspapers were produced to the best of the abilities of his staff in the time allotted. Perhaps if little more creativity was employed on his part, the reporters wouldn’t be facing “all those late nights and weekends working hard to provide the necessary mass of words to fill nine newspapers”.
    Much as Sir Ray Tindle has to cut the cloth according to what his newspaper group can afford, a similar approach to what the team at NLH News can produce could be adopted by the editor.

  2. Just a line in response – journalists are not trained in advertising or selling and our skills lie elsewhere. Nevertheless, this particular group of editorial staff has been very proactive in suggesting and implementing ways in which the company can make more money because we are genuinely worried, not just for our jobs, but the future of our papers.

    As a result we have recently written, designed and produced a lifestyle monthly magazine-style supplement called In the Loop distributed with the Enfield and Barnet papers in the hope of attracting extra revenue, besides giving something more to our readers. Of course, this adds even more to our already excessive workload but we want to do everything we can to help North London & Herts Newspapers go back into the black – even though we are seriously hampered by a lack of staff. It is quite patronising and simplistic to suggest we have not considered the “commerical reality” of our situation when we are made all too painfully aware of it on a daily basis.

    With relation to our editor we have to say he is doing an excellent job in adverse circumstances. He really does care about our papers and struggles to maintain standards with very little resources or support from management. He is constantly suggesting new initiatives to bring in more money but a lot of the time his good ideas fall on deaf ears.

    We hope you now feel better informed about the situation here in Enfield.

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