The thoughts of reporter Mary McConnell

It has been a magnificent, but exhausting, second day on the North London and Herts NUJ picket line. Not only did I and my eight diligent colleagues lead a funeral procession of more than 100 people into the heart of Enfield to mourn the impending death of our treasured newspapers, but Jonathan Lovett, our steadfast father of the chapel, also secured a spot on national radio (with the help of chief snapper Anne-Marie). And bam! It is a double blow for the managers at Tindle Newspapers who are refusing to hear us out.

We can’t be sure that our owner Sir Ray Tindle tuned in to Jeremy Vine’s show on Radio 2 this afternoon but if he did he would have heard some very persuasive arguments for coming back to the table for talks. We aren’t asking for much. We have dropped all of the claims we started our negotiations with a year ago. All we want is one more reporter to join our dwindling team but our pleas have, so far, fallen on deaf ears.

When I started at this newspaper four years ago there were seven reporters covering Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. Now we have just three. We don’t think that is good enough and judging by the number of people who came along to support us today, neither do the people of north London. The ball is in your court, Sir Ray.

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