A message from reporter Lee Husson

We are now half way through our strike and it was another great day of action from the Enfield Nine. After the roaring success of our procession through Enfield Town yesterday, today we hit the offices of our sister paper, the South London Press, where this week’s Enfield Advertiser Series and Enfield Gazette, as well as the Haringey Advertiser and Barnet Press Series, have been produced (very badly, I might add).

We made our voices heard in Streatham, and once again had great support from the NUJ, which has been fantastic for us so far.

Whether the bigwigs at Tindle Newspapers care though is another matter.

We have taken this industrial action because we feel that we can no longer do our jobs properly due to the savage cutbacks in staff, but Tindle chiefs do not seem too bothered about producing a quality product, as can be seen by the terrible state of our papers this week.

To me, in their eyes anyone can be a reporter, as long as they can retype a press release. Also the amount of schoolboy spelling and grammatical errors in their versions of the Gazette, Advertiser and Press prove how little they care for a quality local paper.

It would be such a shame if our once proud, award-winning papers were reduced to this on a weekly basis.

We have received a great response from the public so far, and hopefully together we can fight to restore these titles to their former glory.

All it would take to do this is just one more reporter, who would help to ease the burden on a criminally overworked and underappreciated team.

Now for us it’s fly or die. The ball is in your court, Sir Ray.

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