Day three: unexpected visitor

Today some of the strikers left their home turf to explain to other Tindle employees why we are out on strike. A delegation of seven of the Enfield Nine arrived at the offices of the South London Press in Streatham at 8.30am; where it is thought the editorial for this week’s nine papers has been produced by management (the Barnet Press was published today see the edition at:

The group were bolstered by NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear, Miles Barter, other members of the NUJ and Socialist Worker, who joined us in song, leafleting passersby and Tindle staff. There was a reunion with former North London and Herts news editor Henry Ellis and former reporter Nadia Gilani as they made their way into work (they are two of the five reporting team who have moved on and not been replaced in recent years – one pushed by management, one promoted).

Apart from some staff refusing to take our literature the residents of Streatham seemed fairly receptive.

We left Streatham shortly before lunch time, as our train pulled into Victoria station we received a call from our sentries holding the fort outside our office in Enfield to say Sir Ray Tindle had just arrived with two board members and a few black bags. By the time we had travelled from Victoria to Seven Sisters Sir Ray had departed (with our publisher Alison Cruse) waving as he was invited to open negotiations. Later on we were told by advertising staff they had all had a personal message of thanks from Sir Ray as he handed them an Easter egg…

As we waiting for a train to Enfield Town we received a phone call from the NUJ’s Barry Fitzpatrick to say Tindle’s lawyers had been in contact to accuse us of secondary picketing – it was a demonstration.

The rest of the afternoon was spent encouraging drivers to make some noise on Southbury Road and waiting for our publisher to return. She did, on her own, and with still no offer to bring to the table.

Thank you for all the support and messages of solidarity we have received this week, we will be back on the picket line on Tuesday, until then please keep an eye on this blog during the weekend as members of the Enfield Nine share their thoughts on the strike and working conditions at North London and Herts Newspapers.

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