Text messages of support

We’ve had lots of text messages of support this week. Here are a sample of them:

“Your stand is courageous and right. Strikes are necessary when there’s a grievance and bosses don’t listen. Many other chapels and members are inspired by your action. You have already won a moral victory, now let’s get some proper staffing!” Chris Morley, Northern & Shell Midlands organiser

“To all the strikers in Enfield – you are a credit to the NUJ. Never forget you are right and they are wrong.” Miles Barter, NUJ member, London

“Best of luck with your ongoing strike, you really are an inspiration. A colleague who lives in Enfield received one of your leaflets yesterday and said: ‘It’s a shame more of us aren’t willing to stand up for ourselves like this. And they’re right about the quality of local papers slipping.’ She wishes you all the best.” Laura James, London Magazine Branch

“More power to your elbow! Well done and good luck.”Arjum Wajid ex-BBC World Service, South Asia MoC

“Good luck for your strike. Stay strong and stay solid. Thinking of you here in the west of England.” Christina Zaba, NUJ Bristol Branch

“Wishing you all the best in your strike against cuts to your papers. Solidarity.” Molly Cooper

“Very best wishes for your strike. Hate management!” Care assistant and unison member at Birmingham City Council

“Just texting to support the guys in Enfield. Go for it! Don’t let them further destroy a difficult industry!” Grace, freelance photographer

“Message of solidarity to striking NUJ members in Enfield. Your fight is our fight – an injury to one is an injury to all.” Croydon Alliance for Public Services and GMB members in Croydon

“Solidarity, my friends. Keep your chin up and remember you have support across the country where people are standing up for our work, our services and our lives. Well done!” Matt in south London

“Full support to striking NUJ members in Enfield.” Mac McKenna, RMT rep, Hammersmith & City branch RMT, London Underground

“Wishing you all good luck on your six day strike. Keep up the good work. Solidarity.” James, level 3 undergrad news journalist student from Sunderland

“Solidarity. Keep your chins up.” The Student Movement

“Congratulations on your magnificent stand.” Phil Turner, FoC Rotherham Advertiser and branch vice chair

“Good luck with the strike. Solidarity.” Clara Paillard, branch chair of the PCS branch at National Museums, Liverpool.

“I just want to add my voice of support for your action. United we stand strong. Solidarity.” Charles Atangana, asylum seeker from Cameroon and NUJ member

“Congratulations on taking a stand for our beleaguered industry. Keep up the good work.” Paul Breeden, chair of Bristol NUJ

“All the best and solidarity from all of us.” Richard Simcox, Public and Commercial Services Union

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