Tindle staff hit back at claim: ‘only reply was a strike’

STRIKING journalists at North London & Herts Newspapers have today hit back at claims by Tindle management that they have not offered any suggestions to help dig the company out of recession.

All our supporters who have written to our owner Sir Ray Tindle about the action over non-replacement of editorial staff have received a letter claiming: “We asked the whole staff, particularly the journalists, to join with management to seek a solution to the huge losses the papers were making. The only reply was seven days’ notice of a strike.”

In response, the Enfield Nine who feel forced to take industrial action cite the numerous revenue-boosting ideas they have pitched to advertising management, including; a teen model search, a male-targeted magazine supplement, photosales specials, education-related editions, distribution reshuffles, several competition ideas and web-savvy initiatives. These are in addition to a monthly supplement called Families In The Loop which editorial staff pitched to management and is now a 12-page monthly edition successfully bringing in a new source of revenue.

Father of the NUJ chapel Jonathan Lovett said: “The suggestion by management that we have been unhelpful is a downright lie.

“As well as producing nine newspapers in addition to our extensive workload, we have given numerous ideas to management to raise the bottom line. The majority of these have been ignored apart from a successful monthly supplement for families which has done well and showed how far our staff are prepared to collaborate and put in the extra hours.

“It is patronising and simplistic to suggest we have not considered the commercial reality of our situation when we are made all too painfully aware of it on a daily basis.”

Members of the chapel are now out for their second week of strike action. They have made repeated calls to Tindle management to sit down at the table and negotiate. No response has yet been made.

We are buoyed by support from across the country. We hope you can join us in our fight for survival!

Best wishes,

The staff of North London & Herts Newspapers

Contact: FOC Jonathan Lovett on 07917 871421

To find out more visit:

Facebook for Gazette, Advertiser and Press on Strike

Twitter: @StrikeGazAdPres

email: strikegazadpres@hotmail.co.uk


YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhP-BLkhbsc

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