Striking Tindle journalists hold street party outside HQ

The Enfield Nine ended their fortnight’s strike in celebratory mood today outside Tindle headquarters in Farnham. They organised a colourful street party complete with bunting, fairy cakes, cucumber sandwiches and music in a bid to persuade their owner Sir Ray Tindle to preserve their formerly award-winning newspapers.

It was the latest demonstration in an action-packed two weeks which have seen a mass mock funeral through Enfield, appearances on national radio and huge coverage in the trade press and beyond, triggering a discussion about the future role of quality local journalism in this country.

Father of the Chapel, Jonathan Lovett, said: “It just shows that striking can be a positive action if the cause is right. We feel we have finally found a voice after months of fruitless negotiations and frustration.

“When we started this we didn’t realise we would hit such a nerve with journalists and readers up and down the country.

“We hope this is the start of a national debate about the future of local journalism. For too long, profit-hungry newspaper owners have been getting away with inferior products which do a disservice to their loyal readers.”

Journalists will return to work on Tuesday in the hope of re-opening negotiations with Tindle. Future action has not been ruled out.

We have been buoyed by support from across the country. We hope you can join us in our fight for survival!

Best wishes,

The staff of North London & Herts Newspapers

Contact: FOC Jonathan Lovett on 07917 871421

To find out more visit:

Facebook for Gazette, Advertiser and Press on Strike

Twitter: @StrikeGazAdPres




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