Sir Ray receives an invitation

Last week Andy Love MP tabled an EDM about our dispute and the NUJ Parliamentary Group wrote to Sir Ray Tindle.

Here is an extract of the letter inviting him to meet with a delegation of MPs and trade union representatives in order to resolve our dispute “amicably”.

“The Group supports the local philosophy of the Tindle Newspapers group and endorses the words of Brian Doel, the Group Managing Director who is quoted as ‘we’ve kept each title very local with local editors and subs and reporters as much as possible.  They know most about the community they serve’.  However we believe that the situation at the North London and Herts newspaper group is somewhat different to this philosophy.  For example, we are led to believe that local management has taken a decision to dispense with all the freelance photographers who were relied upon to cover evening and weekend jobs; a regular sub-editor who assisted with the subbing of the newspapers and a journalist used for occasional holiday cover have all been dismissed.

As you will know these steps, and the exhausting of the negotiating procedures, left the NUJ with no alternative but to ballot their members at the group for industrial action.  Consequently NUJ members at the Group took industrial action for two weeks between April 18 and April 29 2011.  We are informed that the NUJ is conducting a fresh ballot on industrial action and that the previous strike was well supported by the local community.

In order to resolve this dispute amicably for all parties and to preserve quality local newspapers we would like to invite you to meet with a delegation of MPs and trade union representatives from the NUJ to discuss this case as soon as possible.”

Click her for the full letter: NUJ Parliament Group Letter to Sir Ray Tindle

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