North London & Herts Newspapers says, “Enough is enough” in the first strike in Tindle’s history.

From Tuesday 19 April for two weeks staff at the group of north London newspapers are on strike over Sir Ray Tindle’s refusal to replace members of staff leaving the former award-winning newspapers to dwindle and die.

This all flies in the face of Tindle’s claim to be the, “Saviour of local newspapers”. He recently said, “Despite the doom-mongers regional newspapers are alive and well…” Not in north London as they suffer death by a thousand cutbacks.

More than a third of editorial has left without being replaced and key positions are not being filled. Now, just three reporters are churning out a total of nine newspapers every week. Over the last few weeks management has also slashed the Sports section by half while the future of the entire Arts & Leisure section is under threat.

As a consequence of its refusal to replace staff a vastly inferior product is being delivered to our readers. Reporters do not have time to leave their desks meaning they are missing important stories, are unable to cover a range of council meetings, attend community events, court cases and inquiries and do not have the time or resources to hold public figures to account leading to the worst kind of churnalism.

The company says our centre is losing money but last year our employer, Tindle Newspapers, made over £3 million pounds profit.

We are therefore asking the many residents, politicians, community groups and journalists who have worked with the paper over the years to help us to try and persuade our owner, Sir Ray Tindle, to give us the staff and resources so we can do our job… and revive our quality community papers before it is too late.

If you could find the time to write to Sir Ray Tindle and email or write to group managing director Brian Doel, it would be greatly appreciated.

The addresses are:

Sir Ray Tindle
Tindle Newspapers
The Old Court House
Union Road

• Protestors will be outside their offices at Refuge House, 9-10 River Front, Enfield, EN1 3SZ (just across from Enfield Town railway station) from Tuesday to Thursday on both weeks.


One Response to About

  1. pegas1 says:

    My heart and my pen with your colleagues
    Resist and you will win

    Oleg Vivcharyk, Journalist (Lviv, Ukraine)

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