Press release and photos


Here is our press release and photos. If you would like additional quotes please contact us.

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2 Responses to Press release and photos

  1. Wally Kennedy says:

    The dumbing down of the printed press in general and the local press in particular has been so noticeable in the past years. The companies don’t allow for the exposition of real live; instead it is more vacuuity and trivia. The integrity of “journalism” has been undermined by the need to “please” the “advertisers” and their “beliefs”. The hegomony of the “free market” reigns. Real journalim exposes and questions reality … and by doing so “educates” … and sells many more issues of the “Paper”. Everybody should be in a Union.

  2. I shall support the strike by not reading their newspaper as long as the strike goes on!

    But don’t push your luck too much or the paper may fold, and all your members will lose their jobs.

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